Retrograde Analysis
Chess Problems

by Leo Mano

AR01 - Leo Mano
(11x16) nb6 - Rpp1P1n1 - brp3p1 - Pk6 - 1P4p1 - 1KPP1p2 - 1Npp1PP1 - qrB5

Mate in 1. Who?


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More retrograde problems by Leo Mano
AR02 - What was the first and the last move...
AR03 - Add a white Pawn so White may mates in 1.
AR04 - How this mate came out?
AR05 - What was the last move?
AR06 - White retracts and mates in 1.
AR07 - White retracts, Black then retracts and...
AR08 - Each band retracts 5 moves, then...
AR09 - Construct the game. (Cooked!)
AR10 - Is this a legal check?
AR11 - White retracts and mates in 2
AR12 - Monochromatic. Where is the white Pawn?
AR13 - Monochromatic. Where is the invisible piece?

Some selfmates by Leo Mano
SM01 - White selfmates in 2.
SM02 - White selfmates in 6.

Some White mates by Leo Mano
WM01 - White mates in 2.
WM02 - Atomic Rocket. White mates in 2.
WM03 - White mates in 2.
WM04 - White mates in 2.

A helpmate by Leo Mano
HM01 - Black moves and helps White to mates in 2.

(p)1999-2008 by Leo Mano. Rio de Janeiro - RJ, Brazil.